Sunday, 1 March 2015

South Park water

SouthPark used to be a dairy farm but wasn't compliant with new riparian exclusion rules because many paddocks were deliberately fenced to include waterways - way cheaper than piping water to troughs. 

We bought it two years ago with a soil bio-activation plot in mind, but knowing that we were also committing ourselves to a new stock water system, plus associated riparian fencing. 

Past experience suggested that a DIY operation might be the go. So we bought a pipelaying mole plough, rented a wee 2T digger and ripped into it.

This shot is in the happy mid-morning stage. The super-sighted might spot Matt on a wee digger about half-way along that line of cows in the middle distance.

Once Matt had made the appropriate cuts under fences and tracks etc with the digger I joined up the nodes, dragging the mole-plough and leaving a wake like this..

Between us we've got on top of the job this weekend, which feels good though there's still a way to go. We had a few issues, like throwing digger tracks about 6 times and spearing existing the 40mm mainline. 

Next steps are to run out the pipes, plough them in, install troughs and hook everything up. Then we can get onto the riparian fencing. 

Hot and hard work, but also a great antidote to a week in the office and a terrific long-term investment. 

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