Saturday, 12 July 2014

Factory milk

If anything should shock my fellow dairy farmers into a rethink, it'd be the commercial threat of this non-cow milk.

What a great idea. Who needs all that outdoor drudgery? Lets just make milk in a factory - eliminate the costly middle-animals (cows, farmers). This plan is efficient, disruptive, and innovative. What's not to like here?

And it must be right, right? Because it's scientific, and we trust scientists for they are truth seekers. So this is must be a truth, which raises a few questions.

Most obviously, why doesn't this absolutely trump any potential dairy-related benefits from GMO grasses etc? The localGMdudes reckon we need to go this way, but if lots of people really don't give a shit about the quality of their milk, would lab-milk not be just as attractive as GM-fed-milk?

For the rest of us, this is all the more reason to work on our understanding of environmental and natural systems.

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