Monday, 30 December 2013

Symbolic of their struggle against reality

Thanks to the NZ Herald and the Economist for reminding me to take another look at how the libertarian communists are getting on. These are the guys wanting to establish new societies where people can be finally be free.

It's such an inherent comical idea that you just have to stand and applaud the effort to get very selfish people to agree on voluntary collective action. Not an easy task and many have failed, as this handy table shows.

Good things take time though and the latest mob, known as the Seasteading institute, remain upbeat about the fact that they now have "a practical plan" for their dream, just 5 years after getting started. Sadly its all about floating platforms and solar power rather than the more interesting social engineering.

There is a bit of information(pdf) about social decision-making for seasteaders though, and the basic idea is very simple: if you don't like the rules, piss off. Literally. Get a tug boat in, pull your seastead away, and hitch it up to some other commune "cluster", or just float around by yourself.

This is how seasteading will harness the power of markets to develop better systems of governance. They reckon. They also tell themselves that once they've evolved this superior system, the rest of the world will gradually realise how cool it is and start copying.

There are a few startup problems of course, but once large numbers of people are paying lots of money to participate in these experiments, the evolutionary process will be able to get started. You won't be laughing then.

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