Wednesday, 8 August 2018

CLPINZ Preview

This weekend is the 29th annual workshop of the Competition Law and Policy Institute of New Zealand (CLIPNZ). It's a chance for practitioners to meet and discuss topical issues and this year's program looks great.

Keynote speaker Prof Joe Harrington from Wharton will kick us off. His current research focuses on collusion and cartels and designing competition policy to detect and deter collusion. Just what we need.

Heaps of great stuff follows, on cartels, litigation strategy, telecommunications regulation, the Commerce Commissions new market studies powers, consumer data issues, and economic analysis of mergers. 

I'm tail-end Charlie, with a paper that advocates serious changes, particularly in how we treat service-supplying oligopolies. Impartial observers such as the OECD and the Productivity Commission (led by Graham Scott) agree that weak competition, particularly in services, is a serious drag on our economic performance.

My main argument is that we have to learn how to regulate oligiopolies.

I'll be more specific about what this means after my ideas are road-tested at the workshop.

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