Sunday, 29 April 2018

Incel Libertarians

Robin Hanson argues that if you're in favour of government's redistributing income you're pretty similar to incels = linked to the Toronto terrorist.

Hanson opens by dwelling on people who care about income inequality: what twats they are, and how they're always threatening violence. He then cites Toronto and speculates that
those with much less access to sex suffer to a similar degree as those with low income, and might similarly hope to gain from organizing around this identity, 
Its all about envy you see. Redistributists stoke up resentment and envy using implicit threats of violence, such as citing previous revolutions. Incels are similar in some ways: they also get aggrieved about who gets what and have incentives to organise to get a better deal. And now they've demanded government redistribution of girlfriends and turned violent.

The subtext seems to be that it's the same thinking - envious losers agitating for government redistribution. Yet they don't seem to be the same people: hmm.

Maybe the incels actually have as much in common with libertarians? I don't know, just an idea like Hanson's. There is a clear link though: property rights. In theory, property rights are sancrosanct. In practice, liberatarians are pretty keen on expanding their own property rights. As are the incels.

The targets of Thiel & the incels are different (taxpayers/women) as are the methods. But it's all about expanding property rights. 

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