Sunday, 28 January 2018

Travels with a Naive Extrovert

I've learned a bit about social conditioning this last week from hanging around with our 2 year old grand-daughter. She lives in New York and we've been riding public transport - ferries, buses, subway and a cable-car - sometimes in busy hours.

She's quite verbal and getting more so by the day. We're getting 2-word combos now: 'red bus', 'other people' and 'good morning'. These are complemented by gestures: pointing, waving or the classic "where is it?" signal - upturned palms + quizzical face.

Everywhere we go, she's fascinated by 'other people'. She'll often stare at someone nearby until they acknowledge her, and then just go with the flow after that. It's so cute that reactions are always positive.

And she is utterly undiscriminating: children, little old ladies and very tough-looking guys all get the same treatment. In fact the weirder they look, the more likely she is to be interested.

I guess the world will find a way to beat this out of her, but I really hope it doesn't.

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