Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Reasons to be cheerful

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Yea though verily do we stand on the cusp of special things, like massive rapid climate change, war in Korea and fascism in those formerly United States, and yeah, though pillocks and fucking morons do indeed walk freely among us, yet there are reasons to be cheerful, down here in Aotearoa.

Feminism for a start. Celebrities are being publicly outed as sexual predators, fired & sued, all of which is reducing their much-vaunted personal "brands" to a terrible liability. This is a huge win for civil society, reaching across the whole demographic spectrum including politics & religion. So far, the wave hasn't really struck these shores but at least we can celebrate the knowledge that it's brown trouser time for lots of really horrible men.

Closer to home, the official attitude towards welfare has changed too, from punitive to rational. Where I've recently roamed this has been enraging certain people. I reckon its the most-whinged-about topic, post-election. Some people are *really* down on 'beneficiaries' and ultra-keen to punish the bludgers, as was previously the official policy. The official stance is now much different, hence the rage.

The old punitive approach spread through government agencies for 9 long years & was fed by law changes, which is why imprisonment rates are now skyrocketing. I look forward to being more like Holland, were they're turning empty prisons into commercial accommodation.

Jacinda & the rest are caning it too, are they not? If I recall correctly, Jacinda was supposed to be a delicate flower, not quite up to the task, a pretty lightweight. Yet against strong protestations from the opposition, she credibly threatened retaliation if Australia put the slipper into 4000 kiwi students. They folded. Well-played Jacinda: more please.

There will be tussles to come for sure. But we do have plenty to celebrate as 2017 winds down.

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