Wednesday, 12 July 2017

GMO Hypocrites

Previously on this blog, I argued that David Runciman failed to convert his excellent analysis of the role of scientific consensus in the climate change debate into a useful tactical recommendation: you can't credibly accuse anyone of hypocrisy if your only evidence is stuff that you think they think.

Before that post, my old friend Grant Jacobs had already taken to the electric twitter machine to:

endorse exactly this tactical error in Runciman's piece
and lodge a very strong claim
Note the sudden shift of topic from climate change to GMOs.

Before the NZ skeptics expelled me for heresy, they emphasised their maxim that strong claims require evidential support. The onus of proof is on the alligitor.

As a leading skeptic, Grant subscribes to this maxim. Having made a strong claim in public he is now obliged to back it up.

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