Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Nazi Punching - View from Aoteoroa

Fascism creeps, so it can be difficult to see it rising, though it's all too obvious once established, as the Nazis showed.

The moral case for Nazi punching therefore relies on how far advanced and established is the Nazi/Fascist agenda.

If you're living in a country where Nazi views have no real traction or support base, like me & Liam, then spontaneously punching a Nazi is over-kill, anti-social and you shouldn't do it, in my opinion.

There are plenty of Nazis polluting the commons in this otherwise fine land, but they don't need punching. Robust non-violent resistance is enough to contain powerless Nazi idiots like Kyle Chapman. No need to punch Kyle in the supermarket - just keep starving him of oxygen.

USA is in a far worse position than us: their new President has Nazi-like views and appointed actual Nazis as his closest advisors. So far, the (s)hit list includes: Muslims, Hispanics, Media, and the Judiciary... and its only the start of week four.

In that context, Nazis are a clear and present danger to many groups of people. They have power and they're using it to harass and intimidate sections of the USA's community of interest (which includes entry visa holders). If I lived in the USA, I'd want to make sure that Nazis don't feel sufficiently emboldened as to march down public streets advocating for their blinkered hatred.

If you're wavering, read about the battle of Cable St and have a wee think about which side you'd've backed.

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