Monday, 12 September 2016

Captured Politicians - Thugby Edition

Rugby is not just a game in New Zealand, it's definitely a religion.

Face it: there are gods like Richie, reincarnation allows gods to beget other gods, plus there are rituals, dressing up, arcane rules, and of course priests are involved. So all the trappings are present.

I think this is why conservative politicians are so captured by it. Rugby is a big and popular business in New Zealand, which is why aligning with rugby brings in the votes. I get that.

What I don't get is why a Minister would abdicate rather than criticise a portfolio-relevant major screw-up by the rugby industry. That's what Louise Upston is doing right now over the sordid Chiefs scandal: she's abdicating her responsibility to advocate for women. Nothing to do with Louise.

So, can we get a refund please, Louise? Nah, didn't think so, eh? Never admit, never apologise, never give an inch.

And if I might Trotter slightly, this does all very much remind me of the Springbok Tour shenanigans, when Muldoon (in the John Key role) knowingly caused a civil war over the same sport for the (successful) purpose of being re-elected. Louise Upston is effectively using this classic Muldoon fig-leaf as her guiding principle:
“In New Zealand we see sport as totally separate from any aspect of politics”.
Just to clarify, I'm not suggesting there will be a civil war against the heinous misogyny currently being swept under the carpet. Hell no. There should be, but our democracy is being run by a different management team now. They're very good.

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