Friday, 30 January 2015


Happy new year and welcome back to the same old rubbish.

Here we are, on the cusp of something special and those uppity women are ruining it already. Last week it was Rachel Stewart giving farmers a serve and this week Eleanor Catton had a go at the whole system.

This aggression will not stand. It's disrespectful. They should be praising us not casting aspersions from their privileged positions as writers.

Free speech is all well and good but I think we can all agree that the correct tone is what matters. These so-called writers have somehow missed this critical point. Short attention spans probably.

Anyway, the damage is done now. Farmers are upset with Rachel and all right-thinking New Zealanders are upset with Eleanor. The worst thing is the example it sets to impressionable young women who might be a bit annoyed at something. Imagine if they got the idea that they could just express their views publicly. Where would we be then? Exactly.

That's why everyone has a responsibility to pile into them. The farmers have done their bit, subtly signalling what might happen to Rachel if she persists in speaking out. And other staunch defenders of freedom are helping to re-educate Eleanor.  

Not that we get any gratitude for these selfless efforts to foster social cohesion. Oh no. All we get is more whinging about rape threats and death threats and whether a treacherous ungrateful hua is also a sanctimonious, narcisstic no-nothing lefty greenie.

Well tough. As is often the case, a kiwiblog commenter got it exactly right: they got what was coming to them. These are serious issues. We can't have any old person commenting on politics; they won't have the right tone. As our dear leader helpfully reminded us, politicians are the experts in politics. Just let them get on with the job.

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