Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Laila's no fool

If the rumour is true, and Laila Harre will indeed lead Mana/Internet into this election, then I reckon things are about to get interesting.

The Mana/Internet thing is clearly a marriage of convenience, right? But isn't that the essence
of politics? You can be pissed off when rivals do it, but that doesn't count for much if it is within the rules of the game. The enduring Epsom cuppatea thing has historically been a marriage of convenience by the National party & ACT. All that's happening here is that another bunch have cottoned on to a winning strategy. So there is zero scope for National/Act cohort to get all high & mighty about this particular marriage.

I can see why they might want to though, because selecting Laila would be a masterstroke IMHO. She is not just smart and articulate. She also has deep connections into Mana's territory and is coms-savvy.

I don't know Laila well at all, but I did work closely with her (and others, notably Paul Swain) on the design of the Telecommunications Act 2001, which was a watershed in terms of reining in the power that Telecom had been gifted when it was privatised without regulation. Based on that experience, I reckon she's got the goods.

There is also the fact that she is 1 female wedged between the well-developed egos of two men: Hone & KimDotCom. Steven Joyce reckons this will be their undoing. Maybe, but if it works the results could be pretty spectacular.

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