Saturday, 28 December 2013

Trust issues - petrol station edition

We met our new riding buddy Colin at Pokeno this morning and rode down to New Plymouth. Over coffee & meals we got to know each other a bit better but the bonding moment came when we stopped for petrol on the way home from dinner.

We pulled up on either side of the same petrol pump at the Caltex station, both saw the "pumps on pre-pay" signs and quickly agreed we could do without that hassle, so we nipped along to the easily visible Mobil station and spent our money there.

Turns out that this is Colin's standard practice, as it is for us, and the Mobil guy indicated there are many more like us. 

I wonder how many petrol thefts the Caltex guy thinks he is preventing by forcing his customers to walk into his shop twice.  

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