Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Silage time

Big excitement here today with contractors on site to make silage. The pit was just finished a few days ago. The pic shows it in progress - that's a tractor & trailer down there in the hole. With luck, it should be about half full by tomorrow evening, all rolled down to exclude the air, covered with a plastic sheet & weighed down with old car tyres.

Pit silage is the cheapest and most sustainable way to store grass between seasons. But this is our first
serious crack at it. Up till now we've been using baleage, which are those round plastic-wrapped bales you often see along rural roadsides. Baleage is easy to transport so it dominates the market for buying & selling such feed. But its expensive to make & buy, and then you have a huge pile of plastic to get rid of.

It feels a bit risky to be dumping a whole crop of nice long grass into a big hole in the ground, but we are working hard to "manage those risks" as the management consultants would say.

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