Thursday, 28 November 2013

Good riddance to the copper tax

Celebration is in order this evening following the announcement today by every party in Parliament except National that they will not support legislation to increase the price of copper broadband services.

We are often forced to just put up with bad policy, but in this case an effective coalition was formed, resourced and managed. It has prevailed for three main reasons:

  • the counter-argument was very sound - this was a very bad idea from the start, so right was on our side;
  • resources were available - while all consumers would have been harmed, there were also fairly significant businesses that were affected; and
  • the campaign was very well managed - even if you're right, its easy to stuff up the execution.
I think there are lessons here for would-be future campaigners, and I hope someone goes to the trouble of documenting the campaign process in more detail - it'd make a great subject for a masters thesis. I certainly learned a lot myself about the role of public relations / communications in public discourse, and it was a pleasure working with such a great bunch of people.

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