Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Roundup roundup

This is an update on the previous post.

Is it actually happening? Yes, I have reports in from several people who have seen sprayed silage being harvested, in Waikato, BoP and Taranaki. So the Nufarm marketing is working. Apparently not in our area (top of the south island) but I would not be surprised if it was happening in the bigger dairying regions of Canterbury & Southland. Please drop me a line if you know if it.

Are other people appalled? Yes, generally (but see below). Everyone I've spoken with who has offered an opinion is staggered that firms like Nufarm could be so silly and the farmers so gullible. So far, no-one has tried to praise the concept.

Do the authorities know? Fonterra knows, as does MPI. I dealt with the communications/pr/media people at these organisations on the assumption that if anyone could sense a scandal risk it'd be them.

Do they care? No idea. I was hoping they'd be on the job promptly, condemning the practice and trying to shut it down. So far I haven't even got clear statements from either Fonterra or MPI that they disapprove. I think this issue is a tricky one for them, being so fully committed to "scientific" agriculture. Pulling the plug on a use of Roundup might be seen as breaking ranks, and the thin edge of a wedge.

Meantime, in case any of you are still of the view that Roundup is OK, have a read of this from Professor Don Huber who ran Monsanto's research programme at Purdue University for many years.

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