Saturday, 28 September 2013

Vote for Tom

DairyNZ taxes dairy farmers and spends the proceeds on "industry good" projects.

Our biological farming friends regard them with disdain because they seem uninterested in researching this approach. Here is a rough indicator of the way DairyNZ thinks about "industry good" research as revealed by searching its website.

Search results for "urea" : 521
Search results for "legume": 8

While our agricultural scientists studiously avoid working on these issues, those trying biological methods are frequently denigrated as being anti-science and/or asked to provide the science that supports their approach.

That's why we are voting for Tom Walters who is standing in the elections for DiaryNZ directors and advocating
more research into how we successfully farmed per and post second world war. We advocate biological farming simply because it is proven. For todays farmers we need further research and scientific debate around proven chemical free methods of the past to satisfy the question around "where is the science?"
Good luck Tom.

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