Monday, 23 September 2013

Something stinks here

Wanna get rick quick? Sell infant formula to China. They can't get enough of it apparently and some people are just buying it at NZ supermarkets and sending it over. That's naughty though, so you shouldn't do it that way.

What you should do is get yourself registered as an exporter, then fill your boots. That way the government will protect you, by cracking down on unregistered exporters, and helping to pay for your trips to China.

Don't worry about ethics or marketing codes or liberal whingers - there is money to be made here! If the Chinese government doesn't care about replacing free food with imported milk products, why should we?

Lets just stay focussed people. This is a booming market and if we don't get in there and persuade those young mothers to start paying us for stuff that they can produce for free, then someone else will.

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