Sunday, 18 August 2013


Here we go again: another new blog…

Having done this a few times before, I’m familiar with the blogging enthusiasm cycle, the perils of taking oneself too seriously and that horrible feeling when you haven’t posted for ages, can’t think how to get restarted and end up ending up.

To guard against that, I’m going to be very selfish about topic selection. There will be comment on current events but I don’t much care for all that “he said… she said…” bickering so I’ll try to stick to the substantive issues.

I also want to write about agriculture, food and water. This stuff will be partly reporting on the conversion of a western Marlborough dairy farm to what we call biological agriculture, but the economics and politics of industries connected to agriculture are also within scope.

That’s the main course menu, but topics from my day job might also pop up occasionally, plus motorcycling and music of course.

Welcome along for the ride!

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