Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Good timing & poor logic

Interesting story in the RNZH today. It seems that Anonymous shut down the GCSB website last Friday as "a distraction for an attack which secured secret data", and it plans to release personal secrets of the main players in getting the GCSB bill passed (Key, English, Finlayson, Dunne and Banks).

If this had been done before the bill was passed, it'd have been used as an argument in favour. But with this timing, it is pretty clear that the new law is the cause of this particular cyber outrage.

Dunne doesn't get it though. He said
"it was likely hacking and release of private information would lead to calls for the Government to get tougher on security".
This reminds me of the guy about to be stoned to death in the Life of Brian who is told he's "only making it worse" by repeating his crime (uttering the name of Jehovah). "Making it worse", he cries, "how could it be worse? Jehovah! Jehovah! Jehovah!"

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