Sunday, 25 August 2013

Countries to envy: Estonia

A question has been haunting me lately: what would it take for NZ to close the gap with Estonia?

It's the Economist's fault, with their recent 2 pieces on Estonia's technological prowess, including this ripper:
“In the 80s every boy in high-school wanted to be a rock star....Now everybody in high-school wants to be an entrepreneur.”
Isn't that a fantastic turnaround? I wonder what the dream jobs of NZ high school students looks like these days. Sports professional would have to be up there somewhere.

Entrepreneurs are different: they see stuff that isn't there yet and try to make it happen. What would it take for entrepreneurship to be a popular goal for young kiwis?

I like this question because it assumes a culture change I'd like to see, and because it puts young people front and centre, where they should be.

No answers yet, just a random collection of clues.

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